Remember the Fallen


I know I have been silent for a while. Maintaining a blog is difficult as life always finds ways of distracting you from writing. I’m also in one of those zones where there is just so much to document and discussion that I feel stymied — overwhelmed even. What I want everyone to think about, though, are the fallen activists in Turkey, Egypt, and elsewhere in the world. I even include Trayvon Martin in this because while he may not have been an activist, at least not in the deliberate sense, he has become a martyr to a struggle much larger than he or his family.

These individuals — these martyrs — should be treated with the same respect as fallen soldiers (more respect in most cases, as far as I’m concerned). Here is the story of one young man that is somewhat close to my heart because his death greatly impacted one of my Turkish friends, who knows his family.

His name is Ali Ismail Korkmaz. He died six days ago. He was only 19.


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