Report from Latest Crackdown in Istanbul

Dear friends,
I just came home, will try and provide some logistic info to my friends on the streets, cause I can’t take any gas anymore unfortunately. There is another war in Istanbul tonight. Taksim was enormously crowded tonight, with not only protesters but regular people just shopping, people with kids dogs etc. It started suddenly like they came to kill. The police attacked with full force, emptied the square first, then entered the Gezi park, also blocked the main roads to stop people escape. Lots of people got injured, got arrested and the police tear gassed even the hotels, the hospitals where people took refuge. Most of the people escaped to back streets, and now trying to gather again to resist only to be attacked, get dispersed and gather again. This goes and goes on. There are thousands of people coming for support from other neighborhoods – even from the Asian side of Istanbul, just like the 31th of May. Millions of people are gathering in many other cities in Turkey as well. The government is waging war against its own people who have no guns. We had some info about the gas they used, that it burns the skin very badly, and also the water from the cannons contain some chemicals. But people are resisting so bravely and will keep doing so.


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