Report from Another Friend in Turkey

Me and my family are safe now, I appreciate your concerns. But I guess nobody really knows how the process is going to be like afterwards. I just can’t believe how police and government could be this brutal and manipulative so frankly.
There had been 4 deaths so far, more than 10 people lost their eyes, more than 7000 people injured and around 500 people are under custody. Still, government is going on declaring these people as terrorists. Volunteer doctors have been detained now, and it’s been announced by the government that they are not real doctors, they have some criminal record etc.
The link that you liked is actually a news about AKP demonstration from yesterday. They said there were more than 1 million at the demonstration area, but apparently it’s not possible, it was 300.000 at most. We feel they are afraid and anxious about what’s going on, but their anxiety only causes more brutality toward these peaceful people.
Yesterday I was at Şişli. Gezi Park is ‘cleaned’ now, resisters are coming together in several points because of that. Excessive force of police is still going on, but what is worse is people with some sticks and choppers were on streets yesterday night to attack the resisters. We backed off.
Let me know one thing though, why do you think CNN Int has stopped sharing these news? They were following very closely last week for example. But the most powerful attack by police was two days ago, there were children at the park, they were affected by the gas, the park was emptied that day, doctors were detained etc. But it wasn’t that interesting for external media anymore. I wonder why.
We’ll see how it’s going to be like, but I guess the common opinion is to continue the resistance. On 15th, ‘the blackest night’ we call, people at Taksim were discussing how to empty the square, and it was decided to leave only one representative tent. This is how tolerant the government is, they couldn’t stand it.
It seems tough, but it is indeed nice to get to know these people at Taksim. I am honestly proud of them, I don’t know very most of them, but they are so energetic, so clever, so funny, so honest and helpful that you wanna be one of them Only weapon we have is humour.


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