#occupy gezi – FOLLOW – Crackdown in Istanbul

Chaos in Taksim Square in the 12th day of the mass uprising. The news networks are showing it now. Waiting for updates from my friends and others on the ground. Please stay tuned.

Early reports are that police are trying to force protesters from the square after clashes that resulted in Molotov cocktails being thrown either by protesters or agent provocateurs. Representatives of Prime Minister Erdogan are saying they will meet with leaders of the protesters tomorrow — although they emphasize they will be speaking with the legitimate, peaceful protesters, thus dividing the movement into two camps.

Erdogan’s people are also saying they are continuing to allow the occupation of Gezi Park and only came to remove banners in the morning when the clashes began, but some protesters are claiming that police are now burning tents and trying to clear the park.

There are also reports of sound bombs and more teargas being used against protesters.


There is video of Turkish lawyers being roughed up and detained (as many as 70 total) by police. Protesters are demanding their release.


Firsthand report in the Turkish English-language press of brutal beatings in police custody and threats of rape.


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