Protesters’ Demands


from a website representing the protesters:

Click the image to get a larger view.

I want to make a quick point here, as this question of “demands” came up repeatedly during what we hoped would be the ‘American Autumn’ (the Occupy Movement). When someone, particularly the elite media apparatus, presupposes that the onus falls on the protesters (which could be used as a synonym for victims when the truncheons and teargas guns come out) to outline and defend their case for demonstrating, he is in effect siding with the oppressive government or assuming its innocence in a sense. This has largely gone unexamined, but if you consider that in a democracy the government is supposed to represent the people, it does not stand up to scrutiny. The onus falls squarely on the government to outline and defend its case for either cracking down on the protests, creating the conditions that gave rise to said protests, or both. To see it the opposite, in my view, is to support tyranny.


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