The REAL Turkish March II

From one of my friends on the front lines in Ankara:

As I am exhausted and devastated by excessive tear gas and running I may write a little confused. Sorry in advance. This is my second day of demonstrating in Ankara, the capital. All day long the police have kept shooting tear gas shells by aiming directly to people. There were and are a lot more injurured, and possibly deaths than it is shown on the media. I was with a surgeon today, running around and giving emergency medical aid to people in need. Than made medical supply drops to a few places in zero points giving small clinic service. Around 9:00 or 9:30 pm excessive violent intervention started by the police, the crowd surrounded from all directions, getting gassed and clubbed and water cannoned by HUGE panzers. Just in our small group 2 women were kicked and clubbed for minutes, 5 people were stuck in an apartment complex gassed for at least 2 hours, last 3 of us had to change 4 diffferent neighbourhoods on foot getting shot by tear gas shells on the way. In Kızılay square, the zero point, a shopping mall being used as an emergency room were raided so hard, there are still people imprisoned there, the people on the first floor of the mall got clubbed and gassed for minutes. Another 3 emergency rooms (a cafe, the architects union and civil cervants union) that we made supply drop were also raided by cops, BRUTALLY. All the cafes giving water, lemon and solutions to people exposed to tear gas were also raided by cops. After the major intervention, smaller panzers still keep running around in the city shooting tear gas to every (even small 5,10 people) group they see. As Kızılay fell people still keep gathering in any neighbourhood, and they are being gassed and dispursed. Tomorrow is now called the black monday and people will be in black dressing even if they can not go out to protest or go to work, student unions and other organisations still plan to gather on the square. Now the mainstream media in Turkey announces, at least over 100 people were detained and taken into custody. İstanbul is burning literally, and the prime minister is leaving the country for an official visit to other countries, Morocco, Tunusia, Algeria..
I am a political scientist, and a program assistant in a major state university, in the peace and conflict studies MA program. As I am very challenged in terms of impartiality since I am also an activist taking part in the process, I can say it has very much started as a civil disobedience and nonviolence movement. People (excluding a few provacateurs) were just shouting slogans and walking or sitting, as the police kept using disproportional violence the protesters also became agitated and went vandal, building obstacles and burning them.  The spark, which led to country wide demonstrations was very much like the start of the final step of the revolution in Serbia (Otpor, against Slobodan Milošević regime) and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Right now it is possible to say, the civil disobedience part is still alive, but the nonviolent part is questionable and the excessive and disproportional violence continues by the police, more people are going out to join. The most interesting part is the decisionmakers and the officials of AKP ( Justice and Development Party) are still not taking it seriously and the Prime Minister still calls the protesters “a few bums”. The trees in the park to be demolished was the last drop that made people say enough, and excessive force to stop the first protest in Taksim was the spark, now it is a total movement which is a demand of personal freedoms, rights, etc.

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