7 Thoughts About Boston Marathon Attack

1) Why must we continue to scapegoat our most vulnerable citizens before we know the facts? Leave it to FOX News to lead the charge on that…

2) Please don’t let this lead to a war…not with Iran…not with North Korea…not with ANYONE.

3) Please don’t let Americans become more fearful than they already are. We have enough things to scare us with gun violence alone (not to mention the lack of federal action on it).

4) Why the Boston Marathon?

5) Why on Tax Day (all jokes aside)?

6) Why do so many people care about it all over the world despite the relatively low loss of life compared to hundreds of other tragedies worldwide on the same day? If a similar event occurred in Turkey, would 90% of Americans even find out about it?

7) How much more dangerous will America have to get before it’s considered a “conflict-affected country” by United Nations standards?


The Magical World of Cappadocia

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