Zurich Layover + Comfy Airport Sleepover



I am so glad I decided to spend a couple of hours in Zurich, Switzerland, rather than passing the entire 12 hours of my layover in the airport. I had no idea how classy and beautiful the city would be. Switzerland is never mentioned to me as a place to visit, but I have my sights set on it now. It felt like Amsterdam without the scroungy youths and cannabis cafes. The only thing I knew about it prior is that Einstein had gone to school there.

I needed help from someone just to purchase a ticket for the train (I thought the currency was in Euros, but the Swiss use Swiss Marks), and I had no idea where to go. I asked a young, beautiful blonde sitting near me who was speaking a German-sounding language I later learned is called “Swiss-German” with her friend. Her English wasn’t great, but she told me the name of a place and rough directions of how to get there. When I exited at the stop she indicated, a man stopped me near the exit and helped me further (he had overheard the conversation). He was black and wore a Yankee cap, so I thought he was American at first. But he wasn’t — despite his very good English.

I don’t know if I ever ended up where he directed me, but the walk was worth it nonetheless. I talked to a few people on the way — including a man who wanted to know why we had so many gun murders in the United States (apparently they have a lot of guns in Switzerland but very few gun deaths). The churches were remarkable, and I even saw a statue of Ulrich Zwingli, an early 16th century Reformation leader.

I returned to the airport before it got too late and was somehow able to sleep on the benches near one of the gates. It sure beat paying 50 euros for a “resting room.” I even had a lone young woman as a bunk mate of sorts.


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