Sorry…on Hiatus

Dear friends, family, and fans:

I owe you all an apology for my lack of posts lately. I first want to wish you all a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday or whatever you choose to celebrate and say that I have taken my time off to relax and visit Greece — and as a consequence I have not written much of anything.

This is not to say that there aren’t about a MILLION things I could write about: everything from Izmir to Troy to Ephesus to Greece to my amazing (UTTERLY amazing) girlfriend to my indispensable friends/classmates to my family to the most stressful (and ultimately the most disastrous) class of the semester. I promise I will comment on all of these things in due time (well, ok, maybe not ALL of them!)

I will also post pictures of Greece and France, where I will go this weekend.

In the meantime, if you’re an American, please do something to stop all the senseless killing that never ceases. Start by withdrawing all support for the NRA or for politicians who have no solutions except “arm school teachers.” Do what they don’t do: read a book…or a scientific study. And please, don’t worry if you didn’t get that present you wanted for Christmas. The most valuable present is love — from your friends, family, significant other, and your broader community. Cherish these things. And feel free to write me. I will respond.

Love and Happy New Year,


PS- Imagine if these “Mayan Prophesy” goofballs were right and we were all dead right now… I can’t either.


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